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Find your community, access tools that support your journey, receive real-time energy updates and live channeled insight.

Cosmic Concierge is where you’ll find direct access to Sarah through private channeling sessions and more. 

Community gives you access to group support with Sarah through Live Channeling, Coffee&Coaching and more. 


I deconstruct limits and normalize magic

I’m here to create chaos in your life

To shake things up 

To remind you how magical you are and how to use that magic to create a life of alignment

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Get to know Sarah every Monday ay 8:30am EST and Friday morning at 10:00am EST.

Streaming live on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. You’ll be able to get a taste of the community and enjoy Sensory Card Pulls to get a message for your day.


Our clients are experiencing massive shifts and major results.

I most definitely have found my sovereignty working with her. She also helped me to build and hold boundaries and not feel guilty about it. I have grown to understand myself better and trust in my own magical power/being.

    Intensive Program Member

    Sarah uses language that I can understand and implement into my life. Sarah's has a big picture perspective that supports me on my path.


      My dreams are coming true. I am manifesting and trusting the process, and I have a community of like minded people to share experiences with. And, my hip pain is GONE!

        COFFEE&COACHING Member

        I am so grateful for Sarah. I have learned, discovered, opened myself up, released and let go of things I have never felt safe enough to do. She has opened this whole world for me to move forward in and I feel so much healthier, happier, and myself than in any old programming or containers ever had me in. She’s amazing and I’m so thankful that she came along at a place in my journey where I was open and ready to receive the things she is choosing to share with us.

          Intensive Program Member

          It seemed like I was a part of the plants' conversation. Like they were sharing secrets. What a delightful way to feel connected and supported to Gaia.

            ReWire Library Member

            I was just able to give this the full attention and 😲🤯🥰 I think I could get lost in it all day! The way it moved through my body! Thank you Sarah, this was the coolest thing!

              ReWire Library Member

              Sarah has created invaluable resources and knowledge combined with amazing human interaction.

                Live Channeling Member

                Powerful and inspiring. I left the call with a wonderful feeling of connection.

                  Live Channeling Member

                  This isn't transformation
                  it's revelation

                  In the beginning it was just you and your brilliant, unique spark.

                  You need no fixing.

                  You only need revealing.

                  It’s time to shine.

                  Reveal your true self

                  All programs are shaped around a proprietary Noetic process called EEDR, designed to rapidly, efficiently, and effortlessly reveal your true self.

                  Remove the not you

                  This process taps into the elemental archetypes and has four steps that build upon each other and give you the tools to remove all the not you from the true you.

                  Rewire to create

                  And now, with your powerful raw source energy, it’s time to create new ways forward. This process brings you back into harmony, balance, and sovereignty.

                  Want to feel really good right now?

                  Listen to a ReWiring meditation.

                  I dare you not to feel good as hell after.

                  magic made accessible

                  REWIRING Subscription

                  The ReWiring library contains an ever-expanding selection of unique guided and sound meditations co-created by Sarah and the frequencies of plants and fungi.

                  Shift your energy, slide into deep sleep, ReWire your synapses and more – all at your own pace.

                  > ReWire Library, full access


                  Live Channeling

                  Live Channeling is Sarah’s most popular offering! Twice monthly Sarah taps into collective energy, star beings, ancestors, and more to bring through insight, and advice.

                  > 2 Monthly Live Channeling sessions

                  > On-Demand Replay Library


                  Coffee& Coaching

                  COFFEE&COACHING meets live weekly and gives you direct access to Sarah and the Inner Sanctum community. Connect, ask questions, receive insight and tools for your journey.

                  > Weekly COFFEE&COACHING sessions

                  > Private Community Message Board in-app

                  > On-Demand Coaching Replay Library


                  The Bundle

                  Want all the things? Save $11/month by bundling your subscriptions.

                  > COFFEE&COACHING subscription

                  > ReWiring subscription

                  > Live Channeling subscription 


                  Intensive Program

                  If you’re ready to deep dive into your journey, the Intensive Program is for you. 

                  With a limit of 15 participants per session, the Intensive Program offers a deeper level of connection with Sarah and with your fellow members. While each 8-week session will have a general theme, please understand that this program is channeled in for you, live, based on your current energetic needs.

                  The Intensive Program also gives you access to Coffee&Coaching sessions and Live Channeling Events, in addition to full access to the ReWiring Library.

                    A 3-month commitment is required.


                  > 8 Weekly, Small Group Intensives

                  > ReWiring Library, full access

                  > Access to Sarah via email or in-App messaging

                  Includes Access to All Programs:

                  > 2 Monthly Live Channeling Events

                  > Weekly COFFEE&COACHING sessions

                  > On-Demand Coaching Replay Library

                  Inner Sanctum
                  Coaching app

                  All of Sarah Amala’s coaching programs are delivered virtually through her community-focused platform.

                  You can access your sessions, libraries, community, social feeds, and more through any web browser.

                  • Social Community feed

                  • In-App Zoom Feature

                  • ReWire Library

                  • All replay sessions in one place

                  About the programs

                  • REWIRE LIBRARY
                  • COFFEE&COACHING
                  • Live Channeling
                  • About Noetics
                  • Noetic Science

                  We are constantly taking in energy and information that subconsciously either affirms old programming or begins to create new neural pathways.

                  Using the healing frequencies of plant and fungi tones as well as Noetic affirmation techniques, these Rewiring sessions will assist you in the final step of moving into sovereignty, presence, peace, and your TRUE YOU. 

                  Guided meditations and Moments are available in this ever-expanding library.

                  Sounds provided courtesy of PlantWave

                  Coffee&Coaching is an intimate container where you can interact live with Sarah and other community members. Each session is different and is tailored around the group’s energetic needs in the moment. Ask questions, receive insight, and feel supported as you immerse yourself in this incredible community. Each Coffee&Coaching session is recorded and conveniently available in the Inner Sanctum app. 

                  Coffee&Coaching is a wonderful way to support your personal journey through accountability, connection, and deep insight via EEDR methodology.

                  Sarah Amala is an active energy channel for the energies of Ashtar and other energetic beings. Twice a month Live Channeling happens during the full and new moon time periods, and the experience is always unique, insightful, and deeply supportive to the journeys of those present. 

                  no•et•ic: From the Greek noēsis/ noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding

                  Noetics is the science of normalizing magic. It studies the unseen and quantifies its impact. The science of Noetics emphasizes that what we don’t understand today will absolutely become well-known fact in the not so distant future, and by tapping into this now you’ll find yourself with a whole quantum toolbox to work with that will allow you to navigate your life with ease, clarity, and enjoyment. 

                  no•et•ic sci•ences: A multidisciplinary field of study that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the nature of reality.

                  It’s my belief that by freeing ourselves from old paradigms we pave the pathway to a future that values love, whole-human inclusivity, and incredible jumps in science, health, and connection.

                  deconstructing limits

                  normalizing magic

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                  We are a woman, queer, and BIPOC owned business and committed to whole human inclusivity.