Three Things to Know about Eclipse Season

Three Things to Know about Eclipse Season

Yesterday in Coffee&Coaching, one of my clients opened a discussion that immediately caused me to start channeling. Now, since we are in Eclipse energy already and I’ve got channeling scheduled for Saturday, I’m like a live wire so it’s not shocking, but it’s still really thrilling and magical when it happens so spontaneously.

I want to share a little of this with you here because thinking about this has opened up my own energy centers and created a new level of understanding within me that feels game-changing.

Each of our journey’s are purposely unique. We create scenarios, props, entities, landscapes, that support connection to ourselves in a way that allows for different experiences – much like in a video game.

“Waking up” simply means becoming conscious of this process. Ascension simply means closing the distance between YOU and your higher self. It’s a coming back to self and a recognition that all you seek originates from within; externalizing allows for division, lack of sovereignty, and endless seeking.

There’s no right or wrong here. Your perception does create your reality, and as long as you don’t require others to validate that or to adhere to your version of reality in order to be accepted, you’re in alignment. Your experience is supposed to be unique to you, just like a fingerprint.

And the spiritual journey is simply closing the gap between you and you.

Because there’s no “right path” for this, it opens up the possibility to simply love each other and share our stories, instead of comparing and judging journeys.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


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