Energy Update – New Moon & Eclipse

Energy Update – New Moon & Eclipse

Yesterday (Friday) I felt a pretty intense energy shift after Coffee&Magic. I was suddenly hit by lots of swirling insecure thoughts and feelings and immediately understood that I did not need to hold court with them and ask a bunch of questions, but instead go DO something else.

So I left my office and embarked on a journey to get my nails done and run some errands, which did indeed distract me a bit. However, the swirls were still in the background.

Now, I have learned about energy shifts. A lot. I understand the pattern. Before a major leap, there’s always a sudden drop that can result in:

– Doubting yourself and your “mission”
– Feeling inadequate
– Sadness
– Confusion
– An urge to “f*ck it up” or to rely on old behavior patterns

This is how your “ego” protects you from the unknown…


It’s actually an important part of the process of deprogramming and reprogramming. The old programs you were running – the ones you’ve identified as no longer being of benefit to you – are protected by the ego. In order to switch out the old program with the new, the ego has to undergo a moment of panic where it attempts to do its job: hold onto the program of choice.

The only way to successfully remove the old program is to allow yourself to experience the emotional, physical, and mental sensations of the ego *failing* at this process, while you do not react to it, fix it, or drop into despair.

In other words, if you’re resonating with the feelings I’ve shared here, it’s actually not a negative thing at all. It’s proof that you’re in the process of updating your software.

Trust the process.

And understand that even when you do trust it – because at this point I absolutely trust it! – it can feel like total sh*t.

That’s why I share these updates with you; it’s beyond important to know you’re not alone.

And you’re not.

Breathe. Hydrate. Don’t throw in the towel.


Tomorrow is a big day: Beltane and Live Channeling. Remember, you can join us for free using code: eclipse




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