Anger doesn’t solve, it informs. 

When something triggers anger within us,  that’s our cue that there’s a misalignment at play and we are noticing it with all of our senses. Anger, shockingly enough, doesn’t hold a moral compass, though we do try to give it one. I’m sure you’ve heard the term righteous anger, which connects itself to the judgement of circumstance in which to validate the anger response. The thing is, anger needs no justification – trigger emotions don’t. They are responses to energy that are misaligned and off balance with you. 
So let’s pull this into focus re: the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. 
Are you angry? 
If so, allow that trigger. 
Why are you angry? 
Express it to yourself. Clearly. 
And then remember that your anger solves literally nothing. 
Your rage changes literally nothing. 
You can allow that anger to course through your body, burning through all of your cells, causing you to view the world around you in a blaze of fiery bullshit that makes it impossible for you to create space for anything else. You can allow it to fester, to boil, to corrode, and create a filter between you and the world so that all you see are things that trigger your anger. You can trick yourself into believing that witnessing all the wrongs that incite that anger is somehow useful, valiant, justified. 
And that would be your choice.
However, if you’re ready to step into your creator self, anger cannot be used to create. It simply informs you. It lets you know where misalignment is and even pinpoints exactly where the fault line is if you let it. Acknowledge it and then ask yourself: what shifts can I make now? Is there an action that’s rooted in my own sovereignty that needs to happen? 
What we currently interact with and see is an amalgamation of projections of what reality is; as more take control of their own reality the projections will change.  When the energy changes the physical must follow; so ask yourself, how will yours affect your miniverse? What projection of reality will you put out there? 
When energy changes matter follows and as time dissolves this process happens faster and faster. 
Let your anger inform you, not control you. 

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