I have been told a lot in my life that the way my brain works is "different," "exhausting," "complicated," and "scattered."
This gave me a complex.

I spent many years of my life trying to be more “normal”, to simplify my thought processes, to stop digging into everything, and endlessly excavating meaning.

I tried really hard to be less intense to make those around me feel more comfortable. 

I don’t regret making myself smaller, quieter, or less wild.

I don’t regret repressing my true self until I wasn’t even sure who that was.

I don’t look back on the past twenty years of my life and think, “If only you had figured this out sooner…”

The time I spent forgetting myself has made the remembering the sweetest homecoming of all. 

My life is messy, full of texture, full of blinding light, dark shadow, and every shade in between. It’s tight squeezes and sudden drops and being terrified and being safe. It’s easy to become enamored of the idea that a good life is a life that has even texture and clear lighting. But if that’s what you’re chasing – neutral colors and lack of intensity – well, I am not the one for you.

I’m here for vivid.

The nitty gritty.

The endless dissection of things I find fascinating.

I’m here to touch, taste, bleed, and make love.

I’m here to have no regrets.

You can come home to yourself too. I can show you how.

I’m here to create chaos in your life.

Sarah Amala

Because some people enjoy a good ingredient label

Here is the stuff I'd put on a "resume"

I have a degree from Harvard in English and Creative Writing, certifications in Holistic Health & Life Coaching, a 200hr RYT in Yoga, and have completed the master level of Reiki Energy Healing.

My background takes me on a storied journey through recruitment and management, marketing, sales all the way to conceptualizing and opening wellness centers, creating my own movement modalities and behavioral analysis studies.

I am an active energy channel and psychic intuitive.

I’m the mother of two sweet boys and am always immersed in a complicated story of love, trust, and seeking alignment.

I’m a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising.

My human design type is Projector.

I love music. Want to follow me on Spotify?

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I am all the things I’ve ever been – and always excited to become more. The container of Noetic Coaching allows me to use ALL the tools I have, including energy channeling and my intuitive gifts, to support and supplement your unique journey.

Yes! Actually, Ashtar is an energy that is present with me on a daily basis at this time. You can join in our live channeling sessions twice a month during the new and full moon energies. Learn more here. 

I offer private sessions when I feel energetically aligned with it. I send out notifications first to Inner Sanctum members who have downloaded the app. Then I push availability out through my IG stories

My suggestion would be to start with a Coffee&Coaching membership to Inner Sanctum. This will give you a warm welcome into the community and give you face-time with me to ask your questions and learn about the EEDR methodology. 

Magic has traditionally been relegated to fantasy, occult, or other forms of “unreality.” But magic is our birthright, and what we call magic – well, isn’t it only something we cannot explain with the current set of rules? By expanding your understanding of the “rules” you can use magic in your every day life to create fulfillment, joy, excitement, and purpose. Ritual is found in your daily cup of coffee. Witnessing a flower in bloom is a miracle. Feeling the warm skin of a loved on your hand – a holy sacrament. We are surrounded by magic every day.

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